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"Doc Carver"

     "Doc" Carver, not "Doctor" Carver, killed a snow-white longhorn bull that ran with a heard of buffalo -also a dapple grey elk- that the Indians were superstitious about.  They did not believe Doc killed with bullets -thence they gave him the name "Heap damn Evil Spirit."
     William F. Carver born Winslow, IL, seventh of May, 1840.  Died at his ranch in California, interred near his mother, thirty first, August, 1927 at Winslow.   
     At New Haven, Connecticut, Doc married Miss Josephine Dailey, twentieth of August 1878.  E.S. Sutton writes Doc wed Miss Lizzie Moore near 187_, not mentioned in 'Thorpe's Book'.
     Doc's two daughters, Lorena and Sonora in swim suits rode the "diving horses" off the high platform into a tank of water.
     Doc stood by with this "hair on edge" while the "Girls in Red" made the spectacular dives."

Ruth Welch Harris

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