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     He was interred in the 'Littin' near 'Arapahoe', the town he wrestled from the bounteous Prairie."

Saunders House

Captain Murphy's New Hotel Building
-Just the thing needed in Plattsmouth-

     We visited this morning, the new hotel building being erected by Captain E.B. Murphy between fifth and sixth streets north of Main.  It is a magnificent building, and needs to be seen in all its parts, while being constructed, to fully understand its many advantages.
     Everything is being constructed of the very best material and put together with the greatest care.  The size of the main building is 44 x 65 feet and is four stories high; then there is an 'L' - 60 x 18 feet and three stories high.  The first story of the main building is eleven feet in the clear, and will be use exclusively as a dining room.  The first story of the 'L' is to be used for a cook room, wash room and pantries.
     This story is built o massive limestone rocks, and cost not less than $2,500.  The second story of the main building is thirteen feet in height, and half of it is to be used by Hamburger & Co., as a store and the other half will be used for the hotel office, bar room, wash room, and baggage room.
     The third floor is divided into ten rooms, mostly suites and two large parlors, the fourth story will contain from fifteen to twenty large and commodious bedrooms besides two or three suites.  The third and second floor of the 'L' is to be divided into bedrooms also.
     The second and third stories of the main building are "bricked in", making them substantial and warm.  The whole building is being put up with the greatest of care, and every piece of timber that goes into it is carefully inspected by Mr. Murphy himself.  The building will cost him, when completed, about $15,000 and will be completed bout the first of December.
     In 1869 the Saunders House was erected on Upper Main Street taking its place as a first class hotel immediately upon its opening.  This building was entirely destroyed by fire after ten years of service - on January 29, 1880 - the loss being $27,000.

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