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     "Sworn to no master - of no sect am I;
      As drives the storm, at any door I knock,
      And house with Montaigue, and now with Locke"

     Ah, I wonder if any body will ever tame La belle EnaGardez bien!  Ha! Ha!
     I  wonder if my cher ami wanted, really wanted me to come?  Why yes, of course - I like mon nouveau venu ami ever and ever so much! ---- He will not misunderstand me, I'm sure!
     And that's been my greatest trouble!

Afternoon - Same day

     I feel blue - tired - "discouraged",  this afternoon! -  Scarcely realize that life is worth the living! - how these dull moments will come to us - like clouds to an April sky --- Sometimes I have half a mind to "pull up stakes" and go to C[alifornia] as I've promised!  And that?  N'importante! Since it is a trifle, after all!  A trifle?  Yes - but these kind of trifles make up the sum of living!


     Why am I making so many jottings in my journal today?  -- Is it that I want to talk to myself, or somebody else?
     Ah, that would be telling - but, after all there would not be much to tell. ---  -----
     Ena, ma chere, you won the name of "Sans Souci" in by-gone life - how would  Sans Coeur answer now?  --No, it is not as bad as that - at any rate my "friends" have no reason to name me thus!!!
     O!  Such a washing (not changing the subject?) as we (Herbert and I) did yesterday!  It was the maiden effort with both - or, to be more explicit, we made our debut among the interesting society of "Soap-Suds-Slingers"--
     Made an entrée worth telling about, as well! -----60 pieces - but we had a washing and wringing machine to help us "onward and upward!"  Don't think we'd have had so much to brag about if these modern improvements had not done a telling part -

My Den
Wed. afternoon - March 10th

     I believe I will learn to be a "house-keeper" after all that has been said and done!  Made three mince - pies this morning!  My first attempt!  Now the next thing on the programme is bread!   I must learn that all-important art --- Un bon ami of mine has given me a cookbook -that, together with a Duch Almane, I make my constant study - guarding them jealously, as my most treasured treasures! ---    -------
     I wonder when I will get the mail?  -- I almost fear to get it - least I am called away by some of that ever-lasting law-business. --- I am tired of the world and its crowding cares!  I want to rest here awhile, until - until when?

                          Pshaw! -------     -------     -------

My Den
Friday - March 12th

     Missed one day in my journal, and did not know it! --- ---
I've been out hunting ducks - and feel half blind from fatigue and the sun -
     --I've been sitting here thinking - and my willing pen would soon stamp the sayward dords that tremble on my lips for utterance!
     O!  I can't write - how my hand twitches --   and yet I must say something!  I got a letter that has made me miserable since yesterday evening - I did not read all of it until after 9 pm.
     Did I tell a falsehood?  -- n'importante!

     -----------------      -----------------        -------------------  ------------
     And we are friends?  --ah, yes --  what then?
                             Pshaw! ---------------

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