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From Jim McIlwain's notes

    " Mary Wilson, born  1601 in near Malden, Essex, England; died May 13, 1670 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI at the age of 69..
     Married 1625 in St. Mary's Church, Malden, Essex, England."


Mary Freeborn
John Thomas Freeborn
Sarah Freeborn
+Gideon Freeborn



and judged thereby."

1638, Mar 12. He and others having had license to depart from Massachusetts, summons was ordered to go out for them to appear (if they be not gone before) at the next court in that Colony, to answer such things as shall be objected.

He helped survey RI in 1639 and was freeman in Portsmouth on 16 Mar 1641. On 1 December 1641, Jeremy Clarke and William Freeborn were members of the Grand jury in Portsmouth, and in 1642 William Freeborn was Constable. On 10 December 1649 he received a grant of 140 acres in Portsmouth conditioned only that he must build a house within a year. On 19 May 1657 he was elected a member of the General Court of Commissioners and the same year was a member of the Rhode Island Assembly. The Freeborns were members of the Society of Friends.

William died at Portsmouth 28 April 1670, five days before his wife, and five days after his daughter Sarah. d=I280

William was listed as a sawyer in 1621. He lived at Batisfords Manor (also called Freebournes") in Witham until he sold it on 20 Dec 1633. It is said that Freebournes was built early in the sixteenth century and was enlarged in the seventeenth. It is located on what is now Newland Street.

On 30 April 1634 William (40) embarked on the 'Francis' from Ipswich, County Suffolk, (John Cutting, master) for Boston with his wife Mary (33) and children Mary (7), and Sarah (2), and servant John Aldburg/Albro (14).

On 3 Sep 1634 he was freeman in Roxbury MA, where his son Gideon may have been born. He moved later to Boston where he became a supporter of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson and Mr. Wheelwright.

1637, Nov 20. He and others were warned to deliver up all guns, pistols, swords, powder, shot, etc., because "the opinions and revelations of Mr. Wheelwright and Mrs. Hutchinson have seduced and led into dangerous errors many of the people here in New England."

On March 7, he and 18 others, among them Clement Weaver, original purchasers of Rhode Island,
signed the following compact marks the foundation of the Colony at Portsmouth, R. I
. "We whose names are underwritten do here solemnly in the presence of Jehovah incorporate ourselves into a Bodie Politick, and as he shall help, will submit our persons, lives, and e sttes unto our Lord Jesus christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and to all those perfect and most bsolute laws of his given us in his holy word of truth to be guided

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