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"Ambrose received his B.A. at Christ College, Cambridge University, in 1608 (the year of the founding of Quebec by Champlain), and his M.A. in 1612 (only one year after the completion of the translation of the Bible, "the King James Version," and one year before the first trading-post was established on the Island of Manhattan at the mouth of the Hudson). In 1616 he was ordained Priest in London. On June 16,1619 (the year of the arrival of the first negro slaves at Jamestown, Va.), he was instituted as Rector of the Parish of Raunds in Northamptonshire, King James being the Patron of the Living. He remained in London until 1623 about the time of the death of his father, died intestate five years later, and when his estate was administered he was called "of the Parish of Carlton" in Northamptonshire."