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"AUGUSTINE (AUSTIN) FISH, church warder, eldest son of John and Margaret Cardock Fyshe, was bapt. June 11, 1578. (From 1577 to 1580 Sir Francis Drake was circum-
navigating the globe and plundering Spanish ships on his voyage
.) Austin continued to live in Great Bowden as indeed did all the male line of his descendants for many generations.  In 1620 he was a church warder. He m. Christian _______. He d. Apr. 29, 1646. In his will he mentions his son William, to whom he gave 5 pounds if he should return to his home land. William was in Windsor, Conn. in 1642.

     Anne, bapt. Jan 27, 1602.
     John, bapt. Feb. 6, 1604/05; d.Aug 15, 1663; m. Hannah ______.
     Thomas, bapt. Aug. 15,1607; d.Mar. 9, 1665/66; m. Millicent ______.
     Margaret, bapt. Sept. 10, 1609.
     Jarvis, bapt. Oct 13,1611
     Dorothy, bapt. Feb.11, 1613/14.
     William, bapt. Sept. 15, 1616.
     Bartholomew, bapt. July 6, 1618. Nothing more known of him.
     Katherine, bapt. Apr. 22, 1621.
     Christian, bapt. Feb 24, 1622/23.
     Elizabeth, bapt. Oct 27, 1625.

  The daughters were married and scattered, as is indicated in the wills of their father and mother."