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We believe Laura saw Paddy Miles her first time when he come to their Arapahoe settlement.  Perhaps after her father, Captain Murphy, took the homestead north of the Miles' Wolf's Rest homestead - they renewed their acquaintance.  Later they were married in 1878 or 1879 as Laura died in 1880 - we think per chance in childbirth as there was a little girl named Laura Miles.
     Laura Murphy had a full sister, Nellie, two full brothers Edward Berry Jr. and Franklin Douglas.  Laura's mother was Miss Margaret Murphy of Wayne, Michigan born in 1854 and died in 1867.   
     Laura's father wed the second time to Miss Lizzie Billings.  So Laura's half sisters and half brothers are Lee Spencer, Edna L., Grace Billings and the youngest was Stuart Robert.
     Edna Irene taught in the Arapahoe schools for five years.  She was educated in Arapahoe and Peru Normal School.
     Grace Billings educated in Arapahoe and a teacher in Billings, Montana.
     Lee Spencer was a corporal in the Thirty Second Volunteer Infantry.
     Stuart Robert resided in Arapahoe.
     In the St. Paul's Episcopal Church was a memorial window to Edna Irene Murphy - when the church was rebuilt in 1956, the windows were given to an Oxford church.

Ruth Welch Harris

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