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"One story, told by the cousins on the Timmons side of the family in 1960, says that (William) Herbert Palmer was arrested and the Palmer and Timmons families were able to have him released on bail.  He broke bail and fled, impoverishing both families, during this hard time of Reconstruction."

Author unknown

Hilliard H. Harley gravesite  - Oak Grove Cemetery

Note from: Thomasville Genealogical, History and Fine Arts Library, Inc.

From the: Thomasville Genealogical, History and Fine Arts Library, Inc.
Thomasville, GA 31799 Regarding the murder of Dr. Hilliard H. Harley.

Decatur/Early Counties, Ga., Newspaper Clippings, Vol I 1863 -1875
Saturday, September 4, 1869

The Brunswick Appeal , of the 28th ultimo says, that Dr. H.H. Harley was assassinated on the previous Wednesday, on the B. and A. Railroad."

The Southern Recorder, Milledgeville, GA, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1869

By Rufus B. Bullock, Governor of Georgia.
     "Whereas, I have received official information, that a murder was committed on the body of Dr. H.H. Harley, in the county of Glynn, in this State, on the 24th of August, ultimo, by unknown; and whereas and it being represented to me, that said unknown has fled from justice [
if he is "unknown", how do you know he fled?] , I have thought proper to issue this, my proclamation, hereby offering a reward of $1000 for the apprehension and delivery, to the Sheriff or Jailer of said county, the body of the said unknown; and I do moreover charge and require all officers, civil and military, to be vigilant in endeavoring to apprehend and bring to trial the said fugitive, in order that he may undergo trial for the offense which he is charged."

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