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Give me a home out in the West,
     Where the softest breezes blow;
Among the fields of golden grain-
      It is there that I would go.

On the wide prairie let me live,
     In the saddle there to roam;
Four walls leave little space indeed
    For a man to call his home.

Let me live beneath the heavens' blue;
     Yes, give me the rain-filled clouds,
Crimson glory of sunset skies--
     Away from the city's crowds.

               --Boyd Perkin.



     "Early History and Reminiscence of Frontier County, Neb." was published in the Eagle by N.H. Bogue in 1894 and again in the Eagle-Reporter in 1911 by W.H. Barton.

     As only a few of the original copies were printed in booklet form and it is now, almost impossible to obtain one, I thought it would be a service, and might, as it has to me, a source of inspiration to old settlers and others interested in the tales of the pioneers, so with the permission of the Editor of the Eagle-Reporter I decided to have copies published.