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have not as yet built one.  It was very cold and the snow deep; we did not get along fast.  When night came on, we stopped at a cattle ranch.  There being no one at the ranch, we went in and made ourselves at home, got supper.  Dave Love was with me to held guard the prisoner.
     At about ten o'clock there was a rush on us of masked men who took Nelson out in the night, back through the drifting snow.  As we could no nothing we waited until morning, then followed their trail to the woods; and there, from a limb of the tree from which Sherwood was killed, hung Nelson.
     I held an inquest and the verdict was that Nelson came to his death by unknown parties.  Thus ended the career of the first murderer in Frontier County.  Nelson was buried under the tree he had desecrated.


     A tenderfoot who came into Frontier said, "I would like to live in this county; but I miss society, churches, hotels, etc."  He said that he could not do without milk and butter.
     One of the boys said, "We can get all the butter you want."
     He said, "Where?"
     Cowboy said, "We will all take turns milking; strap the churn to the saddle and go until we find a herd of buffalo, elk, deer or antelope, pick out a good milker, and milk them while on the run, from horseback.  When through, the jumping of the horse will churn all the butter out of the milk."
     Tenderfoot said, "That beats the way they milked back in York State."
     Judge Gaslin presided at the first term of district court in this county.  He sent Sheriff Miles out to call in Henry Eagering and tell him if he did not come into court he would be a defaulter.  The sheriff, not knowing the court lingo, went out and said:
     "You, Dagering, come right into court, or you will be defrauded."
      The Judge said, "No, no, sheriff.  Say 'a defaulter.'  Now, sheriff, call Euphemia Dagering."
     The sheriff again went and called:  "You female Dagering, come into court or you will be defrauded."
     The Judge said, "The country is new and you will learn in time."


     Miles Giland opened up the first eating house and it was the only place "chuck" was to be had during court week.  All the dude lawyers rushed in to get first seats.  The Western sheriff, not being accustomed to such impoliteness, pulled a six-shooter and told them to step back a give white folks a chance to eat; and they did, too.
     In the early days of Frontier County, the people politically were like the fellow who got lost; he knew no north, no south, east or west.  We know no party lines and in our elections the contest was between men, not parties.
     In a convention at Stockville, in the year of 1881, the fight was on sheriff, between J.A. Lynch and W.H. Miles.  As the political strength of the candidates was balancing in the minds of the people, Mr. Shelley, one of Lynch's men, went down to Calahan's for a drink.  While we was gone the balance tilted in favor of Miles, we received the nomination and was elected.

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