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and best friends I have ever had.  I worked for him one month and got some money and went on west but never forgetting the Kings - and you my children you must keep track of them as long as you live.  You will find true friends there.

Brady Island
Lincoln Co., Nebraska
November 8th, 1869

I find myself in Nebraska working on the M.P. Railroad with chills and fever, nearly dead from exposure.  This is a miserable, sandy, and windy country.

December 5th
At Fort McPherson going on a hunt on the L___ with Buffalo Bill and Wm Read to catch wild horse and cattle.  Spent the winter on the L___ hunting, fighting Indians and freezing nearly to death.  One of our party froze off both legs and arms.  I find this country rather cool compared with the South.  Thousands of game on the L__ buffalo, elk, deer, antelope, cattle, and horses  - last but not least - the Indians.

Fort McPherson
Lincoln County, Nebraska
May 1st, 1870
I am herding horses scouting for Uncle Sam.
Do anything I can for I must get money enough to get a home for Mother and Sister.
I get homesick  and so tired at times.  No one to love, none to caress roaming over this wild wilderness.  Every day long lines of white covered wagons pass up the Platte going west to hunt homes.  I think of going on myself soon.  I don't like this country.  I see no one but rough men & soldiers which is no company for me.
But I must not give up - bear all and be brave.  Proverty and hardships will dim the brightest hopes sometimes.
July 2nd, 1871
My first trip on the Medicine Lake Creek.  Bill Read and James Loddendale came out to take claims.  I am delighted with the Medicine .  We took claims by starting a house on each.  The land is not surveyed  yet.  Our rights there is ___ to dispute, from the (sentes) all round to the creek, we are the First.
There is a band of Sioux Indians here.  Whistler is the Chief.  There's some white men with them who have squaws for wives:  John Nelson, Hank and Monty Clifford.  They have taken claims also.  We go back to the Fort to fix up to come out for good and grow rich.
November 18th, 1871
I am out on the Medicine and today I go in partnership with the Cliffords to kill buffalo.  Read and Lodderdale weakened and gave up their claims.  But I never weaken and will stay alone.
There is no way for me to live but to trap and hunt and I have gone in with the squaw men and Indians.
Duke Alexis came out here for a hunt.  Had a big time.  Hundreds of soldiers and Indians had a war dance.  The Duke killed a buffalo.  Professor Ward is here collecting specimens for his museum.  I got him some fine bones.
January 14th, 1872
Completed my bridge, first one across the Medicine.  It begins to liik like a revelation.  It is splendid, and I am proud of it.
Returned from a hunt tired and hungry  (game scarce) ti have a cow and she has a calf.  I began to feel like a stock man.
Cut logs for my house.  Got a letter from home.  Alls well.
Feb 3rd, 1872
We organized a county, seven of us, and named it Frontier County and the county seat Stockville.  The county officers all we had men enough to fill as John Bratt, W.H. Miles, M.H. Clifford Commissioners, Sam Watts, Judge Probate, John Nelson, Surveyor, John Kirby, Clerk, E.S. Nesbitt, Superintendent of Public Institutions.
We did not have enough to fill all of the offices, but we got on fine.  There was no opposition to anything.
We were appointed by Governor W.H. James.  We went on each others lands when we did not own anything.

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