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April 15th
We are busy fixing up a little garden and wondering what will grow in this country.  I plant everything like seeds I can get.  We have 2 figs and some chickens.

December 31, 1898
Miles Ranch
     We are all here, watching the old year our.  All except Wenzel Pateyel who was with us one year ago, but is now on his way to Cuba with the 3rd Nebraska Regiment.
     Yes we are all here, our little family Papa, Mama, Laura, Bill and Nie sitting around a warm stove all well and happy.
     Reading over the records of each day of 1898
     We find that we have done well financially.
     Had some loss, counted some gain.  Our stock is fine.
     The ranch and house is in good shape.
     So if we have no bad luck the coming year, we will be able to make lots of improvements on our little home.
     It is very cold tonight.
     '98 has been harde stormes everywhere.  We whiped Spain this year - will take charge of Cuba tomorrow.
     The old year is fast dying only a few moments to live and I must say Good Night!  Before it joins those countless numbers of years and is gone.  And welcome the new year 1899.  That stand in the foremost ranks of time.
     I  remain ever hopeing yours
     W.H. Miles

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